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As far as I can tell from some of the blogs I've been reading, other sewing enthusiasts seem to begin their dressmaking journeys by acquiring loads of fabric. For some reason, I've done the opposite - I have only a small(ish) stash for the moment, but I've gone and treated myself to a bunch of lovely patterns. I want to make them all and am pretty sure they'd suit my style. They're mostly described as easy or beginner makes, except for some of the dresses, but with a bit of sewalong guidance, and experience acquired from starting with the easier patterns I reckon they should all be do-able. (Let's call that delusionary beginners' confidence.) Here's hoping that a page filled with my completed versions can join this one very soon.


Liesl + Co Everyday skirt
Kleinformat Origami skirt (Thewallinna's version)
Deer and Doe Anemone Skirt
Sewaholic Gabriola Skirt
BY HAND LONDON Elisalex dress


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Who, me?

Who, me?
Hi, I'm Ellebougies. I'm brand new to this sewing lark, but boy am I ENTHUSIASTIC. I also enjoy knitting things. One day I'll stop whinging about the weather.


Work in progress...

Work in progress...